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The  activation reading is the inspiring road map that introduces and ignites your deeper coding to this life changing modality. In this reading we go through your specific energetic type, strategy, authority, key gates, circuitry and the key tools that will encourage you to immediately embody and express yourself in full authenticity


I offer three types of readings which can be purchased separately or as a unit which makes for powerful discoveries

There are three available readings to activate you


1. Human Design Activation -frequency alignment (everyone Starts here)

New to the modality or wanting to explore how you can delve deeper into what you already know... This reading awakens the subconscious so you can start to live as your true authentic self simply by following your strategy and authority.

2. Human Design - Sex, Love & Relationship reading

How do we connect in love and sexual relationships? You may be someone who connects in a very platonic way that leads to deeper trust and partnership? Or maybe you are curious to explore your options through other types of relationships but not sure if just falling into the pitfalls of what society is currently dictating? We've all been there. Give yourself the gift of agency to explore... Polyamorous? Monogamous? half and half? discover how you can develop harmonious relationships and partnerships through your energetic frequency. In this reading I also bring in the Gene keys for deeper contemplations to stimulate concepts that possibly lie dormant in your subconscious.


3.Human design - Work, Money & Career reading


Are you consistently asking What is my purpose?  Why am I here? What is my next step? Are you an entrepreneur? Freelance? PAYE? Human design can help you uncover purpose and naturally lead you to unleash your greatest the jobs, environment and route that most suits your purpose, encouraging abundance in work and career. In this reading I also bring in the Gene keys for deeper contemplations  to stimulate new concepts that lie dormant in your subconscious.​​​​​​​

©2023 by Mary P Smiley

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