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Online classes are back!!

Roll out of bed and practice with me every Tuesday morning 9.30am online 

Tuesday vibes team :-)

Yoga Schedule


Private classes only 



9.30-10.30am Hatha/vinyasa via zoom (booking link above)

6.30-7.30pm:  - Astanga Inspired Arc Angel

7.45-9.00pm Yin and restorative practice Arc Angel


9.45am; Vinyasa Open level triyoga Chelsea


Thursday 9.30am : Vinyasa Down To Earth


9.30am: - Yoga Open level triyoga Camden

12.45pm: Hot Hatha triyoga Camden 

5.15pm: Friday slow flow Arc Angel



10am (every 2 weeks) Vinyasa dynamic practice Down To Earth

Workshops/special classes

A series of Classes to navigate smoother transitions  

Understanding the mechanics of how you can achieve smoother transitions in our practice will encourage better muscular activation, powerful use of the breath the creation of space which will improve your practice as a whole. Adopting skilful techniques so you can conserve energy in practice and execute  postures safely and effectively, as well as build a strong foundation for more challenging postures.

Class 1: Chaturanga or knees chest chin? 

Class 2: Hip/pelvic bone articulation (open or closed )

Class 3: Liquid spine

Class 4: Backward bends, forward bends

book here

Moving back to Essence -  2024

Online Mentoring Programme: Return to Essence

Details coming soon

Womens Wonderland - August 2024

Womens circle 

Details coming soon


Hello, my name is Mary  Patricia, I am a certified yoga educator with a keen interest in physiology and the biomechanics of how the body moves in yoga...

I draw inspiration from the eclectic mix of movement modalities and practices that I have studied over the years including Astanga, Hatha, Vinyasa,  yin, somatic intelligence, biomechanics, Iyengar, ELDOA (Orthopedic modality) meditation and Tantra among others.

I teach in an engaging layered, learning based way, encouraging students to practice with grace and an enquiring curiosity. My application of yoga is embedded in the felt sense of optimal anatomical alignment whilst building stories through movement where one can continuously feel grounded and find calibration through slow and steady movement, subtly, repatterning, embodiment and experiential movement all through therapeutic application whilst giving the students agency to explore.​

I teach a slow grounding physical practice, aided by wisdom and anatomical alignment, to the melody of jazz, humour and creative sequences.

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