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Human Design...

Enquiry, exploration, fluidity and creativity

I discovered Human Design because I was stuck. Stuck in a career where there seemed to be no progression, stuck in love relationships I wasn't sure about, stuck in  friendships where I was continuously initiating and making the effort to hold these relationships together.  All this stuck-ness opened  Pandora's Box. My North Node is in Sagittarius so I am naturally an eternal learner. I will always look for answers even if I never get them, being a generator in HD, seeking somehow satisfies this search for often elusive answers.

I was in many facebook groups that were truly fascinating but two really stood out. mainly because there were so many female entrepreneurs sharing their insights on various  layers of business. One of the groups was about manifestation. I do love this subject  but I also understand that there is a lot of new age rhetoric around it that seemed a bit dramatic. Anyway, I mentioned my stuck-ness In the group because I was done holding that stress in my body. I'd been bought up to never share weaknesses, problems or sadness so this was a new thing for me. A lady reached out and said to me I may be able to find answers in this modality. She sent me a link to a podcast and that was it. This sent me down multiple rabbit holes absorbing and embodying  this new information and with the 9-52 channel of structuring, I was so built for this type of focus and concentration 

The reason it resonated so acutely with me is because I'm a 4/6. if you have this profile line there are elements that will blow your mind when you dig deeper.  This is the Opportunist/Role model. Around the time I started to feel stuck, I should have been on the roof. This is a sacred period of time when the 6th line withdraws from life as they have known it in order to heal from the first 30 years and to observe others from a distance. During this time, the 6th line starts to gently build a new level of awareness through observation, wisdom and embodiment. Being a Generator also meant that I had to be passionate and lit up about whatever i turned my attention to. This time on the roof allowed my design sun to flourish exponentially. Gate 43.6 which is the gift of insight and unique knowing. Being able to listen to and trust my internal wisdom.

Being a Libra moon has never been a walk in the park. The excessive people pleasing elements in this sign are legendary and I've fallen privy to them time and time again. When i started embodying my Human design this was one of the key things that started to dissolve quite quickly

I'm on a mission to un-become everything I thought I should be. Live from a soul-centered place, has been deeply fulfilling and satiating. It’s my joy and passion to reconnect you with your true self where I can.





Yoga was the doorway to the other modalities. It encouraged me to feel at home in this body, to love even when its hard to and give even when I don't want to.

"You're always more unreal to yourself than other people are"

Marguerite Duras

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Contemplation, embodiment, strength, alignment, sensitivity, meditation

Genekeys encouraged deeper contemplation of some of the more complicated aspects of HD. They even make the more challenging aspects of self beautiful and navigation-able. 

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