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Human Design

Human Design based in both science  and esoteric spiritual teachings that presents an energetic schematic of the self. It  reveals your ultimate superpowers sparking a desire to live life in full  authenticity of who you are. It combines Astrology, the chakra system, The I Ching and quantum physics to produce the ultimate insight and enquiry into who you are, why you are here and your soul purpose.

Option1: The Activation Reading

The  activation reading is the inspiring road map that introduces and ignites your deeper coding to this life changing modality. In this reading we go through your specific energetic type, strategy, authority, key gates, circuitry and the key tools that will encourage you to immediately embody and express yourself in full authenticity

Option 2:  Career & Work

What is my purpose?  Why am I here? What is my next step? Human design can help you uncover purpose and naturally lead you to unleash your greatest potential...

Option 3: Sex & Love

How do we connect in love and sexual relationships? You may be someone who connects in a very platonic way that leads to deeper trust and partnership? or maybe you are curious to explore your options through other types of relationships but not sure if you're just falling into the pitfalls of what society is currently dictating? We've all been there. Give yourself the gift of agency to explore this side of yourself freely within human design...



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