Human Design

Human Design based in both science  and esoteric spiritual teachings that presents an energetic blueprint of the self. It  reveals your ultimate superpowers sparking a desire to live life in full  authenticity of who you are. It combines Astrology, the chakra system, The I Ching and quantum physics to produce the ultimate insight and enquiry into who you are, who you are here to be and your soul purpose.

Option1: The Energetic tuneup

Yoga and somatic intelligence classes. Themed around the centres classes are 75 min 


Generators - weekely sacral  sessions

Practices to fire up the sacral

Centres of your Universe

Head centre - inspiration

Ajna - creativity

Throat centre - Mantra and sacred scriptures

Spleen centre -  Instincts

Will centre- motivation

Solar plexus - emotions

Sacral -  Desires

Root - adrenaline and pressure

These classes will begin in September date TBC via Insight timer and Zoom so make sure you have both applications...

Option 2:  Embodiment and Expression

These are courses for beginners to learn how to live their design. Uncover your energetic frequency and zoom in on where you have been exhausting your reserves, running on empty  and put together an immediate plan to plug the leaks so you start functioning in an optimal and efficient way 

Things we look at

Energy type, Strategy, authority, Profile lines and the centres...The prescription as to how you can step into your best self sooner rather than later through purpose to realise your dreams and full potential wether in love or work things can turn around pretty quickly...

These will happen via zoom

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