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Soul Studio Sessions

This is a feel good space - in my journey what I've learned is that most people just want to feel good, feel loved and connect to purpose. This is fundamentally what I’m all about that.  leading people to a place where they can align with love, purpose connection whichever way it plays out in their lives. If you’ve read the stories about the original Studio 54 you’ll know those people had an outrageous time! Within myspace we will be just as outrageously high on life but with spiritual practices, discussions on tarot, readings, Human Design and how we can create a more cohesive existence for ourselves and in turn, others around us.  When you feel good, others do to and thats now we create the world we wish to be part of...

There are 3 options at Studio 54 


Option 1: Studio 54 (Taste)


If you've never worked with me before or just need a quick answer this is for you. Short written readings email/text $11.11 min donation (same as clubhouse) general or one question…


  • Instant access to readings for immediate answers 24 hour turnaround due to time zone differences and other commitments. 

  • written reading via text/email NOT LIVE

  • One off payment just message when you need a reading

  • You can save it on your phone and go back to check in for clarity whenever needed



for this option email me on or click here 

and state if you require a general reading or if you have a question (one only).


Option 2: Studio 54 (SOS) $45 


  • Emergency you need clarity now

  • response rate for 30 min - 1hr

  • 24 hour turnaround

  • Tarot reading for immediate 


To purchase this option click here 


Option 3 - one to one work $350 a month 

  • Tarot weekly energy updates and card interpretation

  • Human design deeper delve Including transits readings/charts that are beneficial for your design

  • Key  planetary placements for optimal success

  • Identification of energy leakages

  • Practices for integration and tuning the energy for optimal results using your Human design chart 

  • Weekly check in’s via zoom or in person over coffee 

  • Support when needed - 24hr turnaround via what’s app or telegram 


  • Work is potent as it’s 1-1 

  • Fast results from the beginning

  • Ask as many questions as needed

  • Deeper analysis of your chart looking at the nodes, Planetary placements 

  • Bespoke experience tailored to your needs

  • Energy check ins with readings and Human design transits. The transits change your energy and therefore we can create deeper integration and know when is the best time to do certain things…

  • It’s currently the cheapest way to work with me :-)

  • Rolling month so you can cancel after the month if you feel you have all the desired tools and come back when needed...

  • You are fully supported in your journey with expert guidance attention

  • Aftercare: After the month you can message me for an extra week -FREE!


To purchase this option click here on this link

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