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Human Design with Mary Patricia 

4/6 Quad Right, Sacral Generator  

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Hello, I’m Mary Patricia!

I’m an alchemizing  activator with intuitive mentoring talents and coaching skills whose gift is to help individuals live their most authentic lives with ease and clarity. My passion lies in guidance toward self-awareness and understanding through Human Design, Astrology, Gene Key exploration and your natal birth chart. I am, here to help you embrace your true identity by embodying your unique gifts and inner coding to live your best life. 

Human Design is an energetic soul map that creates a unique blueprint of your energy and personality. 

During the Activation session, we cover your energy type, strategy, and authority, and I provide insights into your strengths, challenges, and life purpose, as well as a unique approach to decision-making and how to use your energy best. The session is a conversation where we explore the areas of life that need attention and consideration in order to align with your true nature and make decisions that are in harmony with your energy.

Life can be really good once you know  how to do it in alignment with your genetic soul coding...

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

            ~Paulo Coelho

know thyself...

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human design activation readings 


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Testimonials from happy clients

 I just finished a HD session with Mary Patricia and felt so called to share in this space. Mary is brilliant and filled with pure light! It's like she intuitively knew how to explain things in a way that I could really digest it. I had so many pings and ah-ha moments!

I even used her own advice of telling me to trust my pings more and I told her about a psychic hit I got about her during the session, and I was right! Like WTH, I knew I had this gift but it's never been so apparent before. I could go on and on about her lol but really, I'd highly recommend booking a session with her!! You'll really get what I'm talking about! Thanks again Mary

Jordanne Edwards

Initially, I was intrigued but really confused by Human Design, it seemed quite complicated. Fortunately, Mary is able to present the information in your chart in a way that is understandable and to the point. When Mary presented me with the details of my chart, I was blown away by how much it resonated with me. The reading was just what I needed in terms of confirmation of what has been happening in my life over the past year and gave guidance and insights to help me move forward. Also,I can now make sense of certain personality and behaviour traits and why they occur. I found the process very fascinating and helpful. I feel going forwards that I have a deeper understanding of what I can do to enhance my wellbeing, lifestyle and business. Thank you so much Mary.

Bodhini Hridaya

Over the years, I have explored astrology, enneagram, and other modalities to better understand myself. With that said, Mary’s human design reading happened to feel the most illuminating in terms of practical life application and practice. Mary was able to provide a HUGE amount of depth and detail over many aspects of my life, including my life purpose, how to leverage my talents, and how to approach love and relationships. The amount of knowledge I’ve learned is extremely expansive! And it rang true on a soul-level. 


My big takeaway from her reading is seeing my quirks and nuances as strengths and part of my design — not weaknesses! 


What I particularly loved about Mary’s reading was her personality, which shone through her words, her compassion, and her ability to take me deeper. She was great at asking the right thought-provoking questions to help me dive to even greater depths within myself.​..

Marissa Lucchesi

This information explained why certain things keep happening in my life, so much made perfect sense to me. Mary simplifies the info that looks so complicated and explained in such detail various aspects of the chart that I have looked into but didn't see the silver lining in. She doesn't just read the chart she gives you action steps to begin living in your design and accepting yourself with love but with the knowledge that you have to do the work to achieve this - excellent reader... 


Sandrine Bower

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